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Eyeshadow Base. Liquid Eyeshadow. Eyeliner. Colour Corrector.

Explore the Collection

Whether you wish to get creative and create a graphic liner, or seeking a plain eyeshadow base to prepare for your eye make-up - Amplified Beauty's diverse product has got you covered.

Your Eye-Guide

Base Eyeshadow.

Mannequin is popular to use as an eyeshadow base, prepping the eye for your go-to look.

Liquid Eyeshadow.

For a soft glam eye try using Mannequin, Private School and Fifth Ave to create a soft-glam eye look. Complete the look with a soft eyeliner and a pair of lashes.

Liquid Eyeliner.

Get creative and use Goal Getter or The Tracey to create a bold, graphic eyeliner. 
DO NOT use on the waterline, this is for the eyelid only.

Colour Corrector.

Use The Tracey as a dark circle under eye colour corrector, or dark spot colour corrector.


We want to see you get creative with your lipsticks. Tag us to show us your look! @amplifiedbeautyaus

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