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Go-to liquid blush! As seen on TikTok!

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Create a soft, airbrushed look by pairing your Amplified Beauty lipstick as your latest blush.

Your Colour-Guide

Light Skin.

Use Private School to bring vibrance to your cheeks. Can be paired with a powder blush on-top or left as is.

Light-Med Skin.

Private School for a soft blush - Spanx for added depth and dash of a plum undertone - The Tracey for a coral look!

Med Skin.

Spanx for a soft blush, Fifth Ave for a deeper/rose undertone blush or The Tracey to suit a coral/bronze!

Deep Skin.

Fifth Ave to bring a rose vibrance to your cheeks.

Tag Us.

We want to see you get creative with your lipsticks. Tag us to show us your look! @amplifiedbeautyaus

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